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        Tucked away on the corner of 1st & Steele of Cherry Creek is a farm to table gem that is a must try! One of the Kitchen Restaurant Group concept restaurants, Hedge Row brings inspired cocktails, farm fresh ingredients, and wood fired creations to the table. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some good eats and refreshing drinks. And did I mention they have some award winning donuts??

        The Restaurant

        I accidentally happened upon Hedge Row after a fun shopping trip in Cherry Creek this summer (looking for my car of course, since they’ve changed up the parking!). Nestled under the Coda building, on the quiet part of Steele Street, Hedge Row’s lively and inviting patio just beckons you in for a cool drink.

        The mid century modern interior is filled with clean sunlight, lively pops of color, and cozy pillows and cushions. You can enjoy a sip at the large corner bar, watch the chefs at work in the open kitchen, or enjoy an intimate meal in one of the more private dining areas. The whole restaurant has a vibrant, lively atmosphere which makes it the perfect place to catch up with friends.


        Cocktail Hour

        My friend Jaime, from South on Broadway, and I caught up at Hedge Row for a fun dinner a few weeks ago. First up on the menu? Cocktails. (Of course!)

        In addition to a full selection of wine and beer, the cocktail menu is inspired and ever changing. For me, I tried a “Mystery Solved” – a cocktail made with gin, benedictine, del professore, grapefruit shrub, apricot, chamomile, mint – that definitely solves the mystery of “what cocktail am I ordering” for every happy hour. Not to fear – for those who don’t prefer the taste of alcohol, Hedge Row also offers a “zero proof” cocktail list. We tried the “BFF”, a mix of grapefruit juice, rosemary lime syrup, and lime cordial and it was just as delicious as any of the cocktails. (Side note: the rosemary syrup is so refreshing with the grapefruit juice… that may be the only way I can drink grapefruit juice again…)


        Bon appetit(izers).

        Next course: the appetizers. The thing I love about Hedge Row is the availability of vegetarian options on the menu. 50% of the small plates on the menu are vegetarian making it easy to enjoy fresh, farm to table goodness – even when you don’t eat meat. My favorite was the Heirloom Tomatoes & Melon with sesame, white balsamic & basil. Unfortunately, this will be rotating off the menu as we’re getting into fall but it will be replaced by a tasty Roasted Beet & Pistachio with homemade labneh, dill, orange vinaigrette. I’ve tasted the Spiced Hummus & Veggies topped with caramelized fennel-onion and sumac, and served with homemade lavash on a separate occasion and it was absolutely out of this world.

        For those who do eat meat – Crispy Fish Lettuce ‘Tacos’ made with tempura rockfish, pickled red onion, radish, and smoked chili tartar are perfect appetizers for sharing with friends.


        "...real food sourced from responsible and local farmers and purveyors..."

        The Main Course: Wood-Fired Perfection

        The entrées at Hedge Row deserve their own post, but I’ll have to make do with giving them their own section. The presentation of these dishes is OUT OF THIS WORLD. I wouldn’t be ashamed to whip out the iPhone when the perfectly whole roasted fish is served. Not one bit.

        To date, my favorite veg entrée has to be the Curried Vegetables & Brown Rice. Topped with sweet golden raisins, toasted almonds,  and a cilantro-mint chutney – this dish is one I’ll be trying to recreate for years to come. The perfectly cooked and spiced cauliflower is flavorful and juxtaposed with fresh snap peas, and hearty chickpeas and accented by the sweetness from the golden raisins. It’s a must try!

        We tried these entrées with a side of the coolest corn on the cob I’ve ever tried. Grilled corn is dipped in charred green onion – mayo, rolled in popped sorghum, and then sprinkled with chili powder. The effect is similar to eating corn on the cobb that has been rolled in popcorn. But better.


        Always Leave Room For Dessert.

        Especially at Hedge Row. We tried the Summer Berry Mess, the Butterscotch Pot de Creme, and the Sticky Toffee Pudding – and I’d eat all those for dinner all over again.

        The Sticky Toffee Pudding is made with a bourbon pecan caramel and topped with vanilla ice cream – reminiscent of gooey pecan pie. The Summer Berry Mess, another seasonal creation, is a meringue topped with fresh fruit, mint, cream, and berry sorbet. It’s the perfect dessert for people who *never* leave room for dessert because it’s a light and refreshing end cap to a hearty meal. My favorite of the evening had to be the butterscotch pot de creme… made with Macallan 12, the creme is smooth, rich, but not to sweet. Overall delicious flavors that aren’t too rich or sweet, but just right after a delicious meal.

        Jaime and I had so much fun catching up at Hedge Row and I cannot wait to go there again (perhaps for brunch?)! Hopefully, I’ll run into you – and we can catch up over some good eats on the patio.

        Thank you Hedge Row for collaborating with us for this shoot! I’ve eaten at Hedge Row many times before and am thrilled to share this gem with you! While the food used in this shoot was sponsored – all opinions and sentiments are my own.  Photos are courtesy of Rachel Nichols. Should you have any questions regarding sponsored posts, you can contact me here.