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        Restaurant Review FAQs

        I absolutely love food – I’m an amateur chef and major foodie. Eating and dining out has always been my favorite experience! I want to share my experiences at locally owned restaurants with you so I’m starting this restaurant review series.

        I basically grew up in a family of food critics – my mom and her sisters love cooking and figuring out how to make food better and they passed along those traits to their kids as well. I’m so excited to be sharing some of my food critic restaurant reviews with you all! I hope you’ll head out and try some of these restaurants yourself!


        A little background –

        1. I’ll be sharing reviews on local restaurants in my hometown and anywhere I travel.
        2. No chains in these reviews! I’m going to focus on locally owned and operated restaurants.
        3. All opinions expressed in my reviews are my own and I am not compensated for the meal. Typically, I pay for each meal out of my own pocket. From time to time, I may receive a complimentary meal and in such cases, I am under no obligation to post a review – I only do so because I wish to share my experience with you all.
        4. Should I choose to be sponsored by a restaurant, I shall say so in the blog post and will omit any score to preserve the integrity of the review.
        5. I’ll review the service, ambiance, and food as of the day and time I visited the restaurant. As such, your experience may differ from mine. I encourage you to visit these restaurants on your own and make your own opinions!
        6. A 5/5 stars in my reviews mean that this place is so incredible I would be perfectly happy passing on in my food induced coma. I believe there is always room for improvement so if you see a 5/5 rating, drop what you’re doing and go to that restaurant RIGHT NOW. That being said, my reviews are meant to be an honest representation of my experience – as such, a 5/5 star rating is highly unlikely. Please don’t take any review below 5/5 stars to mean the restaurant was not good or didn’t meet expectations. I encourage you all to try the restaurant and form your own opinions!

        Have you visited one of the restaurants I’ve reviewed? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

        I hope you enjoy!