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        Summer is drawing to a close but I’m not ready to let go just yet! I’m enjoying the last few 90 degree days with this Rosé Spritz! A twist on the classic drink of summer, the Aperol Spritz, this cocktail combines the refreshing crisp taste of rosé with floral notes and citrus. Perfect for lazy afternoons on the patio!


        Rosé Spritz

        • ice
        • 5 oz rosé
        • 2 oz aperol
        • 1 spritz rosewater
        • 1 oz orange flavored sparkling water or soda (like pellegrino or lacroix)
        • 1 slice orange
        • 1 tsp rose petals
        1. Add ice to a large wine glass.

        2. Add rosé and aperol.

        3. Add a small spritz of rosewater.

        4. Top with orange sparkling water.

        5. Garnish with an orange slice and some rose petals.