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        Morning commutes are a great time to learn about all the things on your to-do list. It’s a solid 30 minutes to an hour where you can’t do much but listen to music or a podcast! Especially for busy parents, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, or bloggers – that precious commute time is a solid focused time that you can spend learning.

        Lately, I’ve been using my morning drive time to learn more about productivity, business, and blogging – and I’ve curated my favorite list of podcasts for you! I’ve learned so much from these podcasts and I hope you’ll find them to be valuable as well!

        1 // Brands that Book Show – Davey Jones

        2// Food Blogger Pro Podcast – Bjork Ostrom

        3// Life with Amy & Jordan – Amy & Jordan Demos

        4// Picture This: Photography Podcast – Chelsea & Tony Northrup

        Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links to Food Blogger Pro – I personally pay to subscribe and love everything I learn from the site – I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t!


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