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3 Tips for Instagram Worthy Food Pics… At Home

We might be stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean instagram should be lacking those drool worthy food shots we’d get if we went out to eat! Here are my top 3 tips to get those Insta ready shots – even in your own home!

1 // Clear the background.

I used to hate shooting food pictures in my house. I never thought I had the picture perfect layout or enough space to get those great shots! But you can get a great shot by just clearing some clutter. Move the laundry basket off the couch, the dog bed out of the background, junk mail off the counter – and voila – you’ll be looking at your own home with fresh eyes.

2 // Know your Angles.

A 45 degree angle may look appetizing, but will include a lot of background. If you’re worried about getting good shots in a tight space, know your angles. Top down shots are your friend! And don’t forget to go for those oh-so-tasty close up shots as well!

You don’t need a fancy camera to get shots like these. Cell phone cameras these days are really amazing! iPhones do really well with top down shots with normal photo mode and straight on shots with portrait mode. Play around and see what works best!

3// Shop your home for props

You don’t need a fancy restaurant set up to get a great shot! Shop your own home for pretty books, scissors, flatware, and even dishes to use as props. I have never been more excited to use our standard dishes for photos as I am now! Even a small glass with fresh herbs is a fantastic prop!

Ready to get snapping? I want to see those food pics! Drop your insta in the comment below!