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3 Tricks to Liven Up Your Decor with Plants

My mom has a green thumb. No joke – she takes the term “indoor jungle” to a new level. Some parents convert their kids rooms into gyms or offices when they grow up. Not my parents. They turned it into a greenhouse.

Of course, growing up with so many plant-siblings, I swore I wouldn’t let the number of plants in my house outnumber the inhabitants.

Plants: 7,398,293 Me: 0.

The plants have taken over, and honestly – I’m not mad about it! My plants liven up the interior, making it feel inviting and bright.

Today, I’m sharing my top 5 tips to turn your concrete paradise into an urban jungle.

1 // Pick the right plants.

Most people assume you have to have a green thumb to incorporate plants into your decor. I call BS. I water my indoor plants once a week. And remember to open the curtains. That’s it.

If N can manage not to kill my plants, so can you.

That being said, there are several varieties of plants that are more forgiving than others. Pick the right varieties for your situation and you’ll have green indoors all year long.

Problem 1: I’m forgetful.

There is a whole selection of low maintenance plants that are going to be your friends! I have each of the plants below and I certainly have forgotten to water each for up to a month at a time. These plants are really forgiving, they may begin to droop if you forget to water them for too long but they’ll perk right up once you make it rain.

  • Snake Plant / Mother In Law’s Tongue
  • Golden Pothos
  • Aloe Vera
  • Ivy
  • Money Tree
  • Orchids

Of course, the best solution to forgetfullness syndrome is to make taking care of your plants a part of your routine. For example, I water all my plants first thing Saturday morning after taking the dogs for a walk. That way, I never forget!

Problem 2: My apartment is dark.

We can’t all have 360 degrees of natural light at all times. Pick plants that don’t mind a little less light like ivy, pothos, and snake plants.

Problem 3: I don’t have a lot of space.

Lucky for you, not all plants need a ton of space. Many plants are “pot bound” – meaning if you don’t increase the space they have to grow in, they wont grow like crazy.

2// Get Creative.

Although you’ll see giant fiddle leaf fig trees and sprawling monstera all over Pinterest, those plants may not make sense for everyone.

Perhaps you don’t have space for an indoor tree. Maybe you live in a tiny New York City apartment and don’t want to carry a 50 pound plant up to your fifth floor walk up.

Whatever your reasons, you can always get creative when bringing greenery into your home.

For example, the photo above is a picture of the plants on my kitchen counter. I incorporated green into my kitchen decor by “planting” some hydroponic basil and lettuce and having a small pot of mint in 4″ Ikea Muskot Pots and placing them on a tray from Target.

Not all greenery has to be fancy tropical plants!

3// Give your Plants a Name

I used to think that I was the only one who did this…. but recently heard the best reasoning for this on the Apartment Therapy Youtube Show – “The Plant Doctor”:

Naming your plants helps you think of plants like family or a beloved pet. It helps you take ownership and accountability for taking care of them and making plants a part of your life.

Deep, huh?

Plus naming plants is fun. My favorite ones are my snake plant, Draco and the prickly cactus named Arya.

What tricks do you have for incorporating plants into your home?

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