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5 Relaxing Yoga Flows to Make it Through the Week…

Work has been stressful so far this month, with loads of deadlines and an upcoming important board meeting! One of the goals I’m working towards is creating a healthy work life balance. I’m working on making more time to be with my family, more playtime with Harper, spend some time working on the blog, and to be mindful and spend time on myself. My favorite way to make time for myself is  is with yoga. I LOVE YOGA. I’ve put together a list of my 5  favorite relaxing yoga flows to make it through the week…. I hope you’ll try and enjoy some of them!



Why everyone should practice yoga…

I absolutely LOVE yoga. Yoga gives you time to focus on what’s going on within you, to quiet your mind, to be at peace with yourself. It allows you to focus on what your body is telling you. Are my muscles tight? Am I holding stress in an area that I need to release? Am I breathing like my body needs me to breathe? It is your time do do what you need to for yourself – allowing your body to improve circulation, strength, and flexibility. There are so many health benefits of yoga – if you’re curious, you can read more about the health benefits of yoga here.

Many people think that yoga is not for them. I’ve heard the arguments: “I don’t sweat enough to consider it a workout”, “yoga is for girls”, “I’m not flexible enough”… I’d disagree. Yoga is the one workout you can do regardless of age or circumstance. From toddlers in mommy and me yoga classes to this 100-year old grandma who credits yoga for her long and healthy life to the beautiful Jessamyn Stanley (#curvyyoga – this lady is amazing!). And for all you men who think yoga is for girls, FYI heart throb Adam Levine is totally body by yoga. You can find his workout here.





Everyone has different preferences on yoga. Some prefer to go to yoga class at places such as CorePower or Yoga Pod. Others go to classes at their local gym or some companies have yoga instructors come in to offices. Others practice yoga at home – watching DVDs or through apps. While I do enjoy CorePower and YogaPod and my gym has wonderful instructors, I like to practice yoga at home. I’m picky when it comes to instructors and the content of the practice. Practicing at home allows me to shut off when I need to or switch to another class. All the flows I’ve curated below will allow you to practice from the comfort of your own living room. I hope you enjoy!


5 Relaxing Yoga Flows to Make it Through the Week…

1) Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles has a lot of really great, short flows that you can do anywhere between 5-20 minutes. Check out her youtube channel here and you can find her DVDs on amazon here:



2) Yoga with Tim

I really like Tim as an instructor. His voice is peaceful and his flows are energizing, and he is easy to follow. Check out his youtube channel for more 30-60 minute flows or his website here.


3) Tone It Up

The Tone It Up (TIU) girls have a fun and beach inspired flow to get your relaxed and centered.


4) Rodney Yee Yoga

I grew up with Rodney Yee as a yoga instructor. I remember as a kid, my father would practice yoga watching Rodney Yee on PBS and that has always stuck with me. Rodney has a soothing voice that helps you relax and focus on your practice and his flow is easy to follow. Great for beginners – you can find more videos on Gaiam’s youtube channel or DVDs on Amazon:


5) Yoga with Adrienne

I’m newer to practicing with Adrienne but I love the flows I have done with her videos. She keeps it new and interesting with new episodes every week on her youtube channel.


I hope you enjoyed the flows I’ve shared above! Check out last Monday’s article on the 7 Best Healthy Living Apps to try now to download fitness trackers to keep track of your practice!