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6 Fall Wedding Tips from Wedding Caterers in Charleston, SC

Fall is one of the best seasons for weddings in Charleston. The heat and humidity of the summer months have eased and our summer rain storms have abated. In the early half of the season, the weather is still warm and temperate, marking the return of outdoor weddings and receptions. Fall flavors and produce start reaching our kitchens and the long-awaited oyster season begins. It is our favorite time of year! Read on for the top six fall wedding tips from Rosemary & Rye, your favorite wedding caterers in Charleston, SC.

1. Choose Your Date Early

Charleston, SC is one of the most popular locations for destination weddings in the country, and both spring and fall are our busiest seasons. Be sure to plan ahead and book your date as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

2. Opt for Seasonal Ingredients and Lowcountry Fall Flavors

Take advantage of the Lowcountry harvest season. Charleston’s regional growers have an abundance of fresh produce this time of year. Our warm climate means classic summer options grow through October (think: tomatoes, figs, melons) but we also welcome the arrival of traditional fall fruits and vegetables (think: apples, squashes, and root veg).

We specialize in using locally-grown ingredients in our Charleston catering, creating menus that highlight the best the Lowcountry has to offer. Consider incorporating fall flavors with a Lowcountry twist into your wedding menu. Try She Crab Soup, Frogmore Stew, or Shrimp and Grits with Charleston Tomato Gravy.

3. Tailor Your Menu to Your Wedding Date and Venue

Where and when you get married can help dictate your menu. An outdoor reception in early September is quite different from an indoor reception in late November.

Early in the season while the weather remains warm, lean towards lighter fare, such as a raw bar with passed canapes. As temperatures drop, guests gravitate towards comforting foods. Think root vegetables and deep, flavorful pan sauces.


Whether you opt for lighter choices or more cozy options, we can help devise a menu that perfectly fits your celebration.

With over a decade of experience as Charleston wedding caterers, we know the ins and outs of the area’s venues and seasons. We work closely with our couples to help them plan the perfect seasonally-inspired menu to fit their setting and their personal tastes.

4. Take Advantage of Charleston’s Oyster Season

The Lowcountry is synonymous with oysters and fall marks the start of oyster season! It’s kind of a big deal around here. We simply couldn’t call ourselves a Charleston catering service without some outstanding oyster options.

Whether you opt for freshly shucked raw oysters or a classic Lowcountry oyster roast, we’re ready with the freshest local bivalves and unique flavors to wow your guests.

5. Consider Interactive Catering Stations

Our chef-attended interactive stations create a unique experience and allow guests to customize their selections.

In the early fall months, Barbecue slider stations with pulled pork, brisket, coleslaw, and spicy pickles make for grab-and-go fun on those still-warm evenings. Or borrow a page from Spain’s book with our interactive Paella Station, featuring fresh Lowcountry seafood options such as shrimp, clams, and muscles.

As temperatures cool, opt for cozy options like our Mac & Cheese station, featuring a selection of toppings including smoked bacon crumbles, caramelized onions, pulled pork, or lobster.

6. Don’t Forget the Late Night Snacks!

After an evening spent in their dancing shoes, guests can really work up an appetite. Whether you’re looking for quick bites like soft pretzels or more filling options like fried chicken topped mini waffles and gourmet grilled cheeses, we’re well-versed in late-night (booze-fueled) snack options!

Seeking Wedding Caterers in Charleston, SC?

Ultimately, your wedding catering choices should reflect your personal style and taste. At Rosemary & Rye, we work closely with our couples, their planners, and venues to devise the perfect culinary experience.

Led by woman chef, Meghan Timby, our team’s culinary knowledge spans numerous cuisines and multiple decades. Exquisite cuisine is our specialty, always served with Southern hospitality and a Lowcountry flair. Get in touch today to see how our catering can help create your perfect Charleston wedding.

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