How We Went Plant Based… & 5 Ways To Make It Easy

“Plant Based”, “Meatless Monday”, “#vegan”. We see those terms everywhere these days! Is going meatless the new black? What do these terms really mean? Is it the right fit for me? These are all questions we asked ourselves before starting a plant based lifestyle…and it was a lot easier than you’d think! I was so […]

Welcome to the Wolf Pack, Ruby!

After months and months (maybe even years) of wearing me down, N finally convinced me that we needed another fur baby. What started as a quick weekend lunch and grocery trip turned into a full day at the Humane Society snuggling and loving on so many sweet thangs and finally bringing our little addition home. […]

I have some exciting news…

“Ana, can I hire you?” That was the subject line of one of the most important emails I’ve ever received in my entire life. I checked the sender line – it was from one of the most amazing food photographers I had been following since I started this journey. “This has to be a joke”. […]