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Girls’ Night at the Kitchen!

Sometimes we all just need to get out and have fun with our friends! Recently, I got together with some of  my friends, the powerhouses behind local Denver blogs: Jaime from South on Broadway, Rachael from Shut the Front Dorr, and Natalie from New Momma Survival – at my favorite downtown eatery, The Kitchen! We had lots of amazing food, delicious drinks, and swapped successes, stories, and some big news!


How fabulous are these ladies? (Also, if it’s weird that I’m not in any photos – that’s because I was the one taking them. Whoops! ? )

The Vibe.

I love the inside of The Kitchen downtown. The main dining room is surrounded by HUGE floor to ceiling glass windows so you can enjoy your food with the sights (and pretty Christmas lights) of downtown Denver. The tables are cozy and inviting and it’s just the place for a fabulous night on the town.

They even have a large private dining room you can reserve if you’re meeting up with a large group of friends!

The Drinks.

We started the night off with some cocktails. Because it’s not a girls night without a glass of wine, cocktail, or even a zero proof cocktail. Everyone knows calories don’t count on girls’ night!

The signature cocktail of the evening was the Cosecha Verde. It’s a mix of blanco tequila, ginger-carrot-cucumber syrup, lemon, and aquafaba. What is aquafaba, you might ask? It’s the starchy water that comes along with a can of chickpeas and it’s often used as a replacement for egg whites.  Interestingly, many classic cocktails are made with egg whites for velvety texture and froth. The Cosecha Verde uses aquafaba instead meaning this cocktail is vegan and egg free!

The zero proof cocktail was the Did We Just Become Best Friends? A classic concoction of grapefruit juice, rosemary lime syrup, lime cordial – it’s the perfect, alcohol free beverage for a girls’ night! And of course, we also tasted The Kitchen’s house wines  – bold red and crisp whites from California that are a great deal!

The Food.

This wouldn’t be an R&R post if I didn’t talk about the food! We ordered a few things to share:

Roasted Carrots (GF and Vegetarian)
Roasted Beets & Pistachio (GF and Vegetarian)

Charred Chinese Broccoli
Caramelized Brussels Sprouts & Turnips (GF)

New York Strip Steak (GF)

Tuna Ceviche (GF)
Crispy Fish Lettuce ‘Tacos’

The best part of the menu at The Kitchen is that many of the items are Gluten Free and Vegetarian. Each item is clearly marked making eating with dietary restrictions a snap. It’s often hard for me to find veggie options at restaurants but The Kitchen has several delicious options for me!

My favorite were the roasted carrots. Made with local ricotta from Fruition Farms and topped with a dill gremolata – these carrots aren’t your usual roasted carrot dish!

I also love the Roasted Beets & Pistachio. The beets are served on homemade labne (which is like greek yogurt), topped with dill, an orange vinaigrette, orange slices, and a pistachio crumble which adds a lovely crunch.

The Charred Chinese Broccoli is delicious too. It’s served with caramelized lemon and a gochujang dressing – making it leagues ahead of  the boring broccoli from my childhood.

The Dessert.

Since we all know that calories don’t count when you’re catching up with friends, we went ALL IN on dessert. My favorite is the Berry Mess – crunchy meringue topped with sorbet, berries and mint. The winter version will be made with huckleberries and lemon curd!

And of course, who can miss out on the Sticky Toffee Pudding? Served piping hot and topped with a generous scoop of ice cream – this is one dessert for which you absolutely save room.


No girls’ night is complete without swapping stories, wins, and catching up! We were so excited to celebrate Natalie’s engagement, Jaime’s fantastic new job, and Rachael’s big WIN! I can’t spill the beans here, but follow along with them on their blogs and social media to learn more!

I can’t thank The Kitchen enough for having us and I can’t wait to go there again soon!

*This post is sponsored by The Kitchen by way of sponsoring the food we featured. All opinions, experiences, and thoughts are my own! If you have any questions about sponsored content, you can read more here.