Editor’s Note: Thank you So Delicious ® Dairy Free for sponsoring this post!

After months of eating holiday food, winter treats, and spring bakes – warmer weather always motivates me to put on my running shoes and reset my eating habits.

I’m currently loving this Green Reset Smoothie, packed with greens, tropical fruit flavors, and creamy So Delicious® CoconutMilk yogurt. It’s a perfect start to the morning!

I love the So Delicious® Yogurt Alternatives (the peach flavor is my fave)! They are all vegan and gluten free, and made with non-gmo and organic ingredients! I found these yogurts at my local Sprouts Farmer’s Market. Sprouts is dedicated to making dairy and gluten free living easy and affordable and they often have coupons for So Delicious® products on their mobile app!

In addition to the coconut yogurt, I make this smoothie with frozen fruit from Sprouts that I keep on hand. It makes morning blending easy and requires so little prep. Using frozen fruit also eliminates the need for ice which just waters down the whole smoothie anyways.

Secret Ingredient: I learned this trick a little while ago when working with yogurt alternatives. A little bit of MCT oil mixed with CoconutMilk yogurt makes the treat so creamy! I love the texture that it adds to this smoothie.