Being a vegetarian often means you’re limited to the kinds of veggie patties available out there like: black bean, soy protein, quinoa, or meat alternative burgers. And most of the ones on the market are just blah (I have a list of favorites coming soon!). I personally love burgers with flavor and spice – burgers that aren’t trying to be replacements for meat, but burgers that are entirely an experience of their own. That’s what I LOVE about this Indian Spiced Veggie burger! Loosely inspired by one of my favorite Indian street foods, pav bhaji, these burgers are a cinch to make and a flavor delight to eat!


This burger is a cinch to make – in 20 minutes or less, you can have yourself a flavorful, spicy burger making it the perfect weeknight meal. All the ingredients are available at Sprouts, meaning one trip to one store and no more! (Yay time savings!)

Boiling potatoes is where I get super lazy. It takes so long to boil water and wait for the meters to cook through.. As a shortcut on busy weeknights, I like to nuke my potatoes in the microwave to speed up the cooking process. Just be sure to poke a few holes in them to vent. The skin usually comes off pretty easily but you can also drop the cooked potatoes in an ice bath for a few seconds so the skins slide right off.

The prep for this burger is made even more convenient with Sprouts Organic Riced Cauliflower – it’s frozen and ready to go- no cleaning, chopping, and making a mess with all the little cauliflower bits all over the place needed. I always stress about what to do with a whole cauliflower – how to store it, what else to make so it doesn’t go bad (and make my fridge stink…learned that the hard way) – this frozen bag helps reduce waste and cuts the prep work in our house!


The Ingredients

This burger is perfect as it is for vegetarians. If you are a vegan, just swap out the butter and mayo for vegan alternatives! For my gluten free friends – just swap the bread crumbs for corn meal and the buns for gluten free alternatives or lettuce! This patty makes for a tasty lettuce wrap filling too.

To flavor this patty, I used garam masala (available in the spices section of the grocery store). It’s a common spice mix typically made of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, black pepper, and coriander. To take up the spice a notch, add 1/2 tsp of chili powder.

The toppings are essential too. Load up the burger with red onions, spinach, mayo (or butter), and ketchup for the full experience!


Indian Spiced Veggie Burger Recipe

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