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Personalized Wedding Menus

Here at B. Gourmet, we love incorporating our client’s story into their wedding menus. Have a favorite food you two love to eat together, or a favorite family recipe? We can’t wait to learn more! Wanting to avoid serving the traditional beef, chicken, or fish? We’ve got you covered.

Photo: Aaron and Jillian

A couple of initial questions we always ask our new clients are:
1) What type of menu are you looking for?
2) Where are you and your families from?
3) Are there any foods that are considered “must haves” for your wedding menu?

These questions have sparked discussions like, “Let’s include my mom’s family recipe of meatballs and marinara into a tapas dish!” or, “We’re brewery fanatics. Can we incorporate our favorite beer as an ingredient?” or, our favorite, “We ate this the night we got engaged, and we’d love to share it with our guests!”

This also helps us to think outside the box and brainstorm ideas that aren’t featured in our standard menu! No request is too far-fetched for us, as we love the challenge of bringing our client’s vision to life! A few items to consider:

  1. Will my custom choice appeal to my guests?
    – While ultimately it is YOUR day, always keep your guests in mind! While you might love pickles dipped in peanut butter, your guests might want something a little more mainstream!
  2. What is the cost associated with customizing my menu?
    -Surprisingly, we can get similar pricing customizing your menu as we can from our main menu! One of the beauties of keeping pricing off our menu allows us to tinker with ingredients and preparation behind the scenes, keeping costs low for our clients!
  3. Will it be strange to incorporate foods that are not traditional wedding foods?
    -Not. At. All! Today’s modern wedding is all about making an impact with interesting and memorable components, and we think your menu is a great area to get started! In fact, we’re firm believers that keeping your menu interesting will have your guests talking about your day for years to come!

Reach out to us today for more information about customizing your menu!

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