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Quick and Simple Holiday Place Settings

Quick and simple place settings don’t need to take hours of work and planning! Use these beautiful place settings for inspiration when you’re on a time crunch!


The holidays have kind of snuck up on us this year! Nick and I have been so excited about building our new house (more to come, I promise – I’ll overload you with pictures when it’s more than a dirt patch)! Between trips to the new spot, we haven’t spent too much time thinking about decorations or place settings for our dinner parties this holiday season… oops! I got thinking about how I want to set place settings and thought I’d share my setups for some inspiration!


When I think about putting together a place setting, I think about presentation. I like laying out plates, napkins, and silverware in a neat and organized manner. This makes the table scape look well thought out and elegantly planned out. Meaning people think you spent tons of time thinking about your table scape (score!)….

I love this simple setup. The wooden charger brings some warmth while the monochromatic scheme keeps it simple and elegant (and requires you to not need as many different dish sets!) The beige is broken up by the pops of color from the flowers. I got the dinner and salad plates and the charger from Crate and Barrel and the flatware is from World Market.

Flowers are always a nice touch! They add some color and freshness to a table scape. Try to have one taller centerpiece or a long and short centerpiece that runs the length of your table. Try not to make the centerpiece block your guests’ line of vision. Talking over a plant always makes for awkward conversation.


I always get overwhelmed when it comes to place settings. It’s easy to feel like I need a festive dish set for every occasion, and that can easily break the bank. I used the same dish set from the place setting above to create this Thanksgiving / Fall setting! I love how the monochromatic theme works in both the cool winter setup above vs. the warm earthy setting. If you’re going to invest in a full set of dishes for entertaining, monochrome is best.

This place setting is perfect for Thanksgiving, keeping it festive without going too overboard. Incorporating pumpkins and leaves to the centerpiece adds an element of nature to the table. Tie it together with the wooden charger and keep it simple and streamlined with a monochromatic plate and napkin combo that ties in with the white pumpkins. Can’t find pretty leaves in your neighborhood this late in the season? Michaels and other craft stores always have beautiful seasonal selections on hand to complete your theme.

Nothing says winter like white! I love this all white flower arrangement which pops against my red tablecloth! A simple, monochromatic flower arrangement allows you to have fun with the stoneware and table decor without being too distracting.

Red and green tartan napkins and a festive napkin holder convey “Christmas!” without being overwhelming. I loved the contrast of these green and white plates from Magnolia’s new brand, Hearth and Hand, available at Target! Gotta love Chip and Joanna! Keep it light with an all white flower centerpiece. Let it snow!


See, quick and easy! Are you a last minute table setter like me? Share you favorite tips for table settings in the comments below!