Staying at home comes with its own challenges. But this year has really been a struggle. I’ve found that I wake up in the mornings and check social media. It’s a whirlwind of pretty pictures mixed with a lot of opinions. Overall, I just end up in a bad mood.

It’s causing me to struggle with anxiety and it takes up too much precious time. So I’m taking some time to detox. A social media detox.

1 // Do a social media audit.

I used the screen time feature on the iPhone / Apple Devices to get an understanding of how much of my life was being consumed by social.

I was spending 5.5 HOURS per week on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)!!! That’s insane. And that’s just time spent on the apps. It doesn’t take into account time spent being upset about what I’m seeing or any time my husband shows me something on social.

2 // Limit usage or just delete the gosh darn app.

A while ago, I used the apple screen time settings to limit my time spent on social. I was only allowed 10 mins per day. It worked really well, however I found myself continuously still going to the Facebook or Instagram apps only to see them blocked.

This time, I knew that this moderation approach wasn’t going to work. My life was being consumed by the negativity and absolute insanity going on in this world today so this time had to be different.

First, I deleted Facebook. The written long form content was just too much opinion sharing that I did not want to read. Not to mention the barrage of misinformation that is spread on that platform.

I thought I could manage with Instagram. But I was quickly proven wrong. Stories, normally a beautiful feed of videos and my friends kids quickly became similar to facebook. People spreading misinformation. As Cody Rigsby puts it, “y’all have opinions I don’t wanna hear”.

So that got deleted too.

I rarely use Twitter or Linkedin, so those remain. But I will certainly purge if they start taking the place of Facebook and Instagram.

3 // Focus on self care.

Just taking a break from social media isn’t enough. I needed to spend some time on me and make time for those I love. So I’ve been trying to create a relaxing morning and bedtime routine.

Mornings start with no phone time. I have 30 mins of snuggling with Baby A before she needs to eat. Then she plays on her own for a bit while I shower and do my new skincare routine. Then I drink coffee and settle in for the day.

I’m considering adding meditation to this new routine. Peloton has released a ton of mediation content, including 5-10 minute mediations.

At night, I’m taking my time winding down for bed. Washing my face. Putting on a face mask. Flossing. Taking my vitamins. Drinking a tall glass of water.

This little bit of me time is really helping me!

4 // Stay connected to people, not apps.

You might be thinking – if you delete facebook and instagram, how are you staying connected to your friends?

Email, text, phone calls, and Zoom dates. If the only way I connect with people is via a social media app, I need to re-examine my relationship with my friends. If I don’t have your number, am I really that great of a friend to you?

We’ve been scheduling weekly family Zoom calls which has been such an amazing experience. It’s like having Sunday dinner together all over again, except you can be in your pajamas and petting your dog.

I’m also challenging myself to check in on one friend each week. Right now, it’s easy to feel isolated (because we are) and like you don’t have anyone to talk to. It’s been really refreshing to have a real conversation with old friends that was so surface level via Facebook and Instagram comments!

How are YOU doing these days? What do you do to cope?