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Spring Wedding Tips

Aahhh, Springtime in Charleston! After what seems like a long winter (Okay, we’re Southern, give us a break!) we’re so ready for the fresh bites, pastel colors, and sunny days.

While spring is arguably the most lovely time here in the Lowcountry, we find that this season comes with it’s own set of logistics to consider when planning a wedding. Many of the local venues take places in outdoor settings, meaning that the wrath of freshly hatched mosquitos, surprise pop-up rain showers, and extreme humidity, are only a few of the many challenges to take into consideration!

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We like to think of ourselves as caterers who think on our feet, but along the way we’ve developed a list of tips from our years in the biz!

1) If your venue is outside, remember – it could rain! It’s always important to at least get a tent on reserve, just in case. Tent Rain Reserves through EventWorks (our preferred rental company) require a 35% deposit to hold the tent, whether you move forward with the reservation or not.. However, as you may imagine, all other not so savvy brides getting married that weekend will be scrambling to find a tent last minute, while you’ve already got yours in your back pocket should Mother Nature decide not to cooperate on your day!

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2) Bug spray, bug spray, bug spray!
While we love the natural environment of the plantations, surrounded by ancient oaks and dripping with Spanish moss, so do our not-so-favorite pests Mosquitos and No-See-Ums. We always like to see when client’s prepare and either get venue sprayed prior to the reception, or (AND!), provide bug spray as a precaution for their guests. It makes for a much more comfortable evening!

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3) Hot weather sneaks up us on the South! A nice touch is providing guests with a cool beverage before sitting down to the ceremony, or perhaps renting some misting fans to keep them cool throughout the evening. Keeping menu seasonal is another tip we have.. No one wants to be sipping soup or eating heavy pasta if it’s 85 degrees out.

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Wishing all our amazing spring couples a happy and worry free wedding day!

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