I love the fresh flavors of this sweet and spicy mango salsa!! Made with fresh mangoes, jalapeños, tomatoes, and onions – this salsa is sure to delight!! Try it with tacos, on quesadillas, even on a burrito!

Sweet and Spicy Mango Salsa

The secret to making the tastiest sweet and spicy mango salsa is picking the perfectly ripe mango. Too ripe? The flavor will be bland, overly sweet, and potentially bitter.Not ripe enough? The mangoes will be tart and not sweet enough.  Not the refreshing salsa I’d want with tacos…

To pick the perfect mango, look for a Kent or Alphonso varieties – they have less fibers making them easier to cut. Certain red mangoes (as advertised in grocery stores – they often look green!) also work well. Check to make sure the mango is firm. Squishy = overripe. Next – give the mango a sniff. That’s right! If it smells delicious and mango-ey, it’s ready to go. If it doesn’t smell just yet, leave it on the counter for a day or two until it ripens up a bit.

Dicing a mango can be tricky. Perfectly ripe buggers can be really juice and slippery when you cut into them so be careful! Check out this video tutorial from the Kitchn to learn the proper way to cut a mango.

I like to serve this salsa with fish tacos, quesadillas, I’ve even had it in a burrito! Keep an eye out for a special quesadilla recipe next week – this salsa is the perfect topping for them!

Sweet and Spicy Mango Salsa


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  1. So simple! Love the mango slicing video too. My challenge is finding the ripe mango at the moment I want to make the salsa … too hard, too soft, so it’s off to another store for the perfect specimen. Much like avocados, you gotta strike when they are ready!

    1. Thanks Judy! Yes, for sure they are tricky little buggers! I’ve had luck ripening red mangoes on my counter or by putting them in a brown paper bag- might be worth a shot.

    1. Thanks Jenny! Mangoes are my favorite too! There are so many different varieties it’s fun to try them all!

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