I’ll start by saying – coconut “everything” has never been my cup of tea. I’m not a huge fan of coconut to begin with so when I first had the opportunity to taste coconut yogurt, I was going in skeptical to start with. But let me tell you – coconut yogurt + this one secret (and kind of weird) ingredient has changed my view of vegan yogurt for the better! I can’t eat yogurt without it now! Read on for the vegan peach breakfast bowl recipe! 😉

Last month, I went to a really cool food event and tasting at the Sprouts Headquarters in Arizona. I got to taste so many new flavors and products it was AMAZING! One of the weirdest products we tasted was MCT Oil.

P.S. this post is NOT sponsored, I just loved this “hack” so much I had to share it with you. While I did attend the tasting for free, I paid for all of these products out of my own pocket and am under no obligation to write or share this post.


MCT oil is all the rage now days in the Paleo/ Keto / Crossfit world (so I was going into the tasting already skeptical…). MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride and is a easy to process derivative of coconut oil. The research on MCT Oil’s health benefits is varied. There are many claims that  it can help spread the effects of caffeine so they last longer (hello, bulletproof coffee); reduce cholesterol; provide a good source of energy for athletes; etc. For the sake of this article – I use MCT oil purely for the impact it makes on the taste of my breakfast. I’ll leave you to draw your own fact based conclusions RE: health benefits.

Initially, we tried the MCT oil on it’s own. It really doesn’t have a flavor and it’s not as viscous as regular coconut oil so it was pretty palatable. Nothing special on it’s own. Then, we mixed about 1 tablespoon into a carton of coconut yogurt. WORLD CHANGED. Something about the MCT oil blended so perfectly with the yogurt – there were no bits of oil beading up, it was just a perfect blend. There’s some next level food science for you! The oil changed the typical coconut yogurt from “meh” to rich and creamy – I really couldn’t tell I was eating coconut yogurt! I’ve loved the combination so much, I just had to share the vegan “hack” with you! I haven’t been able to eat just plain coconut yogurt on it’s own ever since.


Of course, I’ve been “hacking” my coconut yogurt since then. I even made this delicious vegan peach breakfast bowl recipe – give it a try and let me know what you think!


[tasty-recipe id=”3263″]


Thoughts on MCT Oil? How do you use it? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments below!