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Welcome to the Wolf Pack, Ruby!

After months and months (maybe even years) of wearing me down, N finally convinced me that we needed another fur baby. What started as a quick weekend lunch and grocery trip turned into a full day at the Humane Society snuggling and loving on so many sweet thangs and finally bringing our little addition home. Welcome to the wolf pack, Ruby!

It was a gorgeous Sunday morning – N and I had left the house thinking we would run some errands, pick up some groceries, and enjoy a lazy Sunday back at home. Sitting outside on the patio with all the the people who were out and about enjoying the town with their dogs, we started talking about it AGAIN. Should we get another dog? Harper really would love to have a friend. We did have a house now. No yard yet, but at least it would happen soon. Harper would really love a friend…

Big sister Harper loves her little sis…

So we did it. We skipped our grocery plans and went straight to the shelter. And there she was, curled up in a little ball, fast asleep. The little 30 pound, 11 ish month pup that would steal our hearts.

We met with a few other dogs before they brought little Ruby out. In fact, as we were waiting, we saw another family – a single man and his teenage son – take her out for a walk. She was scared, but hopeful none the less. “Will they take me home? Will I like them?” I couldn’t help wanting to scoop her up and give her a hug and say, “it’s ok little one, I won’t let them take you home”.

After a long wait we finally got to meet the little sweet heart. She was tired. She had already gone on 3 walks and she wasn’t sure what was going to happen. She came out and leaned her head against me. The same move Harper had pulled. She crawled into Nick’s lap, exhausted. We knew. There was no way we were leaving without taking her with us.

Of course, Harper had to put her seal of approval on her new baby sister. When she met Ruby, it was an instant connection. Big sister wanted to play and cuddle and show the little one all about the world. She even showed her how to get in the shower for a bath! Yes that’s right, the same dog that will hide under the bed to avoid a bath, waltzed right on in to show her little sis how it was done. That’s true love.

Ruby’s been part of the family for a month now and I can’t imagine life without our little snuggle bug. She keeps Harper company (sometimes a little too much, sista needs a break sometimes!). She helps N wake up on time in the morning. She keeps me warm at night. She makes our little family more full of love every day and we couldn’t have made a better choice that Sunday afternoon. We love you little Ruby – welcome to the wolf pack.