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Workout Review: SUP

Hi guys! I’ve been MIA for the last few days but for good reason – it was my birthday!! Now that it’s summer I’e been obsessing over SUP. For my birthday last year, Nick surprised me with SUP lessons…. SUP what? SUP stands for “Stand Up Paddle boarding” and it’s been crazy popular with fitness and surfing types as a relaxing way to enjoy the water. People have also taken it up a level by doing YOGA on a paddle board. Yeah you read that correctly – downward dog, crow’s pose -YOGA. Of course, when I first saw a group of paddle boarders at the reservoir, I didn’t think this relaxing sport would be a workout at all. BOY was I WRONG!!


We pulled up to the reservoir for our class and met our instructor Shawn (also conveniently the owner of RMP). There were only 2 other people signed up so we got a lot of one on one time with Shawn. We started out on dry land talking about positioning on the board, how to use the paddle and get our balance. FYI – the way you think the paddle should be oriented is all WRONG.

Finally it was time to hit the water! Being as competitive as we are, Nick and I picked the most advanced boards to try during our beginner class. Shawn had us start by climbing on the boards and propping up on our knees. We paddled around the shore for a bit and then practiced standing up. The board was wobbly a bit at first but after a few tries, we felt like pros. Nick and I raced around the reservoir and probably annoyed Shawn to no end! Shawn also taught us how to start doing yoga on the board and by the end of the class, I was doing easy yoga poses (sorry no crow’s pose, I can’t even do that on dry land) and Nick was doing push-ups and competing with Shawn.



Overall, SUP was REALLY easy to learn. Paddling on the water is a really relaxing experience and it’s fairly easy once you get the hang of it. As far as a workout, we definitely felt the burn. While it’s not crazy cardio unless you’re racing around, paddling requires you to use muscles in your arms you’ve never used before. The wobbly surface activates your core, legs, and glutes. Overall, SUP is a fabulous toning workout. I’m definitely going to join RMP for their SUP yoga classes!



I’ve been considering buy a paddle board so I can go SUP whenever I want. Which board do you think I should get?